Facade of harbour pines heritage listed hall

October 5, 2021

The Lonely Pine
with Audrey Leuty



What a great night we had on the eve of Fathers Day. Thirty seven residents gathered in the Hall and with the aid of the Social Committee a bring and share casserole meal was served. With residents providing the first course and the Social Committee the ‘after's’. The result was a cheap night out with an abundance of food and some great chatter.  Thanks ladies.


Another gathering enjoyed by many was the Devonshire Afternoon tea hosted by Maureen.  Always a good opportunity to get together and enjoy good company. Thank you Maureen.





A bus trip to Greenough Hamlet Friday October 15th.Sounds good?  Tastes better!  

Cost is $15.00 per head for a lunch of Cottage pie, salad and Turkish bread served with tea or coffee. (Any variation to this menu is at your own cost). Cost of the bus $300.00 is covered equally by Social Committee funds and donation from Lindsay Quann. Departing 11.00am and returning home 2.00pm.  A list in the Hall for your names please BYOCTOBER 8th a chance to do some early Christmas Shopping in the gift shop.


November 2nd Melbourne Cup Lunch  This will be catered for by TARTS. The usual sweeps pre race day.  Watch the Cup, enjoy a cold luncheon and then our very own race meeting.  Start saving your dollar coins now...  Cost $15 a head for lunch. This is subsidised by the Residents Happy Hour.


November 24th A visit from the City of Greater Geraldton Band. The band will have their usual Wednesday evening practise session with us outside the Hall.  


“Is she a good cook?”

“Naw, she can’t cook too well”

“Does she have lots of money?”

“Nope, poor as a church mouse”

“Well then is she good in bed?”

“I don’t know”

“Why in the world do you want to marry her then?”

“Because she can still drive”.


OCTOBER 17TH 2.00pm

The Annual SONGS OF PRAISES service at the Anglican Cathedral. A great opportunity to sing and listen too many of your favourite hymns and songs. Geraldton Choral Society, Sing Australia, Geraldton Grammar School Choir, Cathedral Organ and Music Group. Donation.


Less than 100 days to Christmas!

My puppy ate all the Scrabble tiles. Now he’s leaving; little messages all around the house.



A crowd of villagers gathered in the Hall on Monday 13thto farewell Betty Pinker (and her daughter Chris) that leave the village this week. Betty was born in Geraldton but left here when she was a toddler and grew up and had her school days in Pinjarra. She left Pinjarra with her parents in 1941 when they moved to Fremantle. Betty was one of twins but her sister died at 19th months of pneumonia. Betty had one brother.

She met Wally in Fremantle and they were married in 1947.Wally was in the army and served in New Guinea. After the war he went into the railways at Fremantle until 1987 when they built a house in Horrocks and retired there. They had three children two girls and one boy. Betty moved into Harbour Pines in 2005.

Betty and her daughter Chris have enjoyed many years of travel. Betty particularly loved cruising and has visited some wonderful places including Alaska, UK   and New Zealand and has cruised the Rhine.

Betty leaves here to go into an Opal Residential Care Home in Treeby in the Cockburn area where she will be living right next door to her daughter Carol who has recently moved into an Over 55’s Village there.   She is looking forward to making new friends and Scrabble partners (I hear Betty is a worthy opponent at Scrabble so folks you have been warned) Chris will be returning to her partner and home in Carnarvon.

Like all moves this one has its challenges as mother and daughter have been together for many years. It has been a very happy relationship but Betty is looking forward to this challenge. Chris will enjoy being home again and is hoping in time to take to the road and travel around Australia.

Betty has lost count of her grandchildren but proudly admits to having five great, great grandchildren.

Betty and Chris were wished much good health and happiness in the years to come by Pat Keefe and the Social Committee.


BEST WISHES to all those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in SEPTEMBER.

Toothie Hurtie

A woman walks into the dentists and asks how much it will cost to have two wisdom teeth extracted.

“Around a thousand dollars” he replies

“That’s ridiculous” she replies. “Isn’t there a cheaper way?”

“Well,” the dentist replied “if I don’t use any anaesthetic I can knock it down to $800.”

“That’s still too expensive” the woman replies

“Okay” says the dentist. “If I save on anaesthetic and simply rip the teeth out with a pair of pliers, I could get away with charging you $600”

“No” moans the woman “It’s still too much”.

“Hmm” says the dentist, scratching his head. “If I do all those things and let one of my students do it for experience, I suppose I could just charge you $200”

“Marvellous” said the woman, “Book my husband in for next Tuesday morning”.



I was at Benalla shopping and there was this big screen in the TV shop. Saw the plane flying into the building and thought it was a movie. Realised with horror that it wasn’t….I was doing nightshift at Rigters listening to the storeroom radio: couldn’t believe it….We were driving to Kalgoorlie, car and caravan. Heard it on the car radio; phoned our daughter. “Have you heard the news?” We were holidaying in UK going through the gate into a stately home and the gatekeeper told us. My first thought “Will they hit London next? Will we be able to get back to Oz?” Frightened.  Not real. Shocking. All those people and they can’t get out. I was playing darts at Belmont when I heard about it. Couldn’t be true- BUT it was.


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