Facade of harbour pines heritage listed hall

October 22, 2021

The Lonely Pine
with Audrey Leuty


The unofficial newsletter for Harbour Pines Village

Vol 3  Ed 10



A happy group of travelers boarded the Geraldton Coachlines Bus for Greenough on Friday October 15 and enjoyed a trip to the Hamlet for lunch. The cottage pie was as tasty as eve rand on such a beautiful spring day what was there not to like. The cost of the bus trip was $300 and it was shared equally by Residents Happy Hour fund and Adder Holdings.



Tuesday 2ndNovember 11.00am in the Hall. Cost $15 ph. includes a free glass Champagne and or orange juice. Names and money into Pat Keefe or Audrey Leuty by Tuesday 26" October.

Lunch is being catered for by TARTS. Our first race is at 11.15am.Lunch is served after the Cup and then there  will be more racing with our own racing game... Bring your dollar coins.

List for names in the Hall.



The horse racing game that comes out of storage once a year was crafted by the late Eddie Palmer. Eddie with his wife Joan's help made and decorated the six horses and Eddie put together the battery operated timer to amuse the grandchildren. Joan and Eddie moved into a retirement village where there was no central gathering place some 15 years ago and donated the game to residents of Harbor Pines where Terry and Leonie have continued to care for the stable.


During the month of October we FAREWELLED Rae Sutherland who has moved to Nazareth House. Ray has been with us for many years and we will miss her zooming around the village. Best Wishes Rae for this new Chapter in your life's book.



To our new resident Gary Burns. Gary is a long term proprietor of the Aussie Shop in Marine Terrace. We hope he will enjoy life in our Village.



Before the wildflowers fade (for this season) follow in the footsteps of our last picnic outing. Drive towards Northampton, past the Coronation Beach turn off then turn right at the Howatharra road sign. We proceeded towards Nanson. The countryside was spectacular. We pulled off the road to take in Nature's wonderland... Continuing on we found a shaded riverside spot near a single lane bridge. We set out our chairs, enjoyed chicken sandwiches, a glass of beer and a fresh fruit salad. After lunch we travelled along Chapman Valley Road towards home. "The wildflowers had lessened but golden wattle was every where. In all we travelled about 80 kms which gave the vehicle a much needed run (and recharged our batteries) the down side. I brought home a kangaroo tick which found the back of my knee a tasty place to latch on. From the Hawks nest.



To Pearl. We’ve missed you.  Get well wishes to Evelyn and Valma in Hospital.





The Band will be here on Wednesday November 24". Playing from 6.00pm for approximately 40 minutes then we will serve them finger food supper in the Hall so please bring a plate of finger food. Bring a chair.



Donations of items please suitable for Christmas can be left in the HALL before by Friday November 19th.  Raffle tickets will be on sale from 1st to 18th December.


Saturday December 6th at 5.00pm on the front verandah of the Hall. Gather to share some Christmas cheer. Bring your own everything (finger food, drinks). Some seating is available.


Hi, Fellow Residents

The Valley of Australian Monsters

Because of the Coronavirus I had to postpone the launch of my second Children's book last year. I now intend to hold an afternoon tea and book sale on November 13" this year in mv Car Port between 2 and4pm.

The cost of the book is $10 per copy.

Looking forward to catching up with everybody. Regards and best wishes to all

Val Armstrong, our writer in Residence



Have you tried the Mission to Seafarers shop in Marine Terrace? Next to Axis Autos. They have a wide range of gift ware. Hours are Monday to Friday10-3.00. Public are welcome and proceeds go towards caring for Seafarers.



“I'm so excited to be taking the garbage out. What should I wear?”

Whoever decided a liquor store was more important than a hairdressers is a bald headed alcoholic.



An elderly couple were concerned that they were forgetting things They went to the Doctor for a checkup and after he had given them a once over and found nothing amiss he suggested that to help their memory they try writing things down.

That evening as they were settling down to watch TV the gentleman decides lo grub a drink and asks his wife if there is anything that he can get for her whilst he is in the kitchen. “I'd! love an ice-cream” she replies. “OK Dear”, he says. ”Are you going to write it down?” she asks. “No, I'll remember that” “With some chocolate sauce,” she adds. Are you going to write that down‘?” “No”

He replies. “And a cherry on top” She adds.” Right I've got that. Ice-cream with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top” ”I don't need to write it down”

He is rather a long time in the kitchen and she begins to wonder what could have delayed him.

He comes back from the kitchen and hands her a plate. “There you are dear. Bacon, eggs and grilled tomatoes”. 'Oh dear.” She said sadly “You forgot the toast”