Facade of harbour pines heritage listed hall

May 14, 2021

The Lonely Pine
with Audrey Leuty

MAY 2021



It was a sobering thought driving into Northampton on our recent bus trip to see just how close the destructive winds of TC Seroja had come to Geraldton. We were saddened by what we saw but the little shops in the main street were putting on a brave face and the coffee was welcome. One of our party was even able to restock with his favored brand of jocks at the corner Drapers.

The wind damage was evident all the way out to Horrocks with farmhouses DE roofed, farm sheds twisted into odd shapes and crumpled sheets of iron littering the roadsides. The river gums along the creeks had suffered badly. Horrocks seemed to be unscathed and the fish and chips just as tasty as ever.  A big thanks to Kylie our bus driver for all her help getting us on and off the bus. I believe a good day was had by all.


MOTHER’S DAY BREAKFAST. The men of the village have excelled themselves once again

Fourteen Mums had a wonderful breakfast again catered by Peter F, Peter R. Terry, Bert, Harold and apprentice Brian whom I’m sure was given lots of tips from the older guys. The Hall looked lovely and the meal was yummy! The door prize donated by Jan was won by Leonie: a beautiful hand crocheted shawl. She was much envied by the other mums. Everyone went home with full tummies and happy faces.                Ruth P.



ANOTHER successful Devonshire Tea was hosted by Maureen on Saturday April 17th.  These friendly events are a welcome chance to get together and chat over fresh scones. WATCH your monthly Calendar for the next one and for other social activities.  


CASSEROLE DINNER Saturday May 29th.  Ladies please bring a main meal to share and the Social Committee will provide the ‘after's’. From 5.30pm.


AFTER CYCLONE SEROJA on Sunday 11th April Marine  Rescue, Geraldton, asked for volunteers to report to the State Emergency Service base at the Geraldton airport.

There was already a hundred vehicles when I got there and possibly twice as many people from every mainland state.  RAAF transporters flew in many trucks, equipment and personnel from Perth and E.S.

I was mostly running around shopping for every imaginable thing to be delivered everywhere from Kalbarri to Morawa.

I did one trip to Kalbarri which included a toilet on a trailer for two heroic ladies who had been maintaining a road block at Ajani.  They had been therefrom 6.00am to 6.00pm for five days without a toilet. I think they were very RELIEVED to see me!

My only other trip out of town was to help move the SES base at Northampton from the Police Station to the football oval at the east of the town. .



VALE Irene Heap who died in the Regional hospital on Thursday 29thApril.
Irene and Harold came to Australia with their two daughters in 1967 as Ten Pound Poms. It was their first cruise and they enjoyed it so much that they were more than ready to go cruising and travelling again when the time was right.

Harold worked in Adelaide for two years before they started on a working trip around the country Irene easily picking up work wherever they found themselves. Harold eventually took a job at what was then Allied Eneabba, now Iluka Resources, at Geraldton.  They bought a house at Wonthella and lived there until 2013 when they moved into Harbour Pines.

Irene loved fun times, dancing, badminton and netball and was active in all these as well as being wife, mother and grandmother. Irene had been unwell for some months with the last few weeks spent in hospital.   Irene’s funeral is this Friday at the Geraldton Crematorium at 2.00pm.


Paddy had stayed tooling at the pub. When he got home the house was quiet. Not wanting to wake the Missus he started up the stairs but tripped on the third step and crashed down the stairs landing on his bum and smashing the bottle of whisky in his back pocket.

He picked himself up gingerly and surveyed the damage in the hall mirror. Satisfied that he wasn’t bleeding to death he got a packet of band aids out of the cupboard and with the help of the mirror he

patched up all the spots of blood then climbed painfully upstairs and into bed. He slept like an innocent child.

In the morning the wife woke him with an accusation “You were drunk last night”

Puzzled, he wondered how she had worked that out. Was it the smashed bottle in the bin? Was it the smell of whisky on the stairs?

“Come with me” she said in an unfriendly way. “Look at that!” she pointed to the hall mirror. It was covered in band aids.


An elderly gent by the name of Morris went to his doctor to get a physical.

A few days later the doctor saw him out walking with a gorgeous young woman on his arm. Next day the doctor saw Morris again.      “You’re doing great” he said to him.    “Just doing what you said Doc”.  “Get a hot mamma and be cheerful.”  ‘

I didn’t say that"." I said you’ve got a heart murmur; be careful”



The Commemorative gathering for Anzac Day was well attended and much appreciated by all. Thanks must go to Bert for arranging the format and the music and to Peter F and to all others for their help on the day. A cuppa and Anzac biscuit followed. Are we establishing a new tradition in our Village?


THE FOUNTAIN for years it stood in a colourful little garden at the entrance to the village; its old world charm complimenting the mock Colonial style of the small homes around it. Then suddenly its water was turned off and piece by piece the fountain was broken down and the parts scattered nearby. “What is happening to our fountain? "was the villagers cry.  Various rumors circulated as they do. It seemed likely that the fountain was to be replaced by a flashy, bright flouro. Then just as suddenly the pieces of the fountain found their way into various parts of the village. A lump here, a lump there. Had the fountain pieces taken on a life of their own? Would they one day reassemble and become a fountain again? If so, where?



Got the wife a Pug dog yesterday; despite the squashed nose, bulging eyes and the rolls of fat the dog seems to like her.